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Do you have a missing or sexually exploited child? Were you missing or sexually abused as a child? 

We're here to help. 

Team HOPE is a group of peer support volunteers who have lived experience with missing and exploited children’s issues. We know the pain, fear, frustration, and loneliness that comes with being or having a missing or sexually exploited child.  We are adult survivors who were missing or sexually abused as children. We are family members of children who were sexually exploited or missing.  With this knowledge and experience, we are dedicated to offering compassionate peer support, empathy, understanding, kindness, and friendship to people who experienced being or having a missing or sexually exploited child. You are not alone; we are here to provide hope and walk the journey with you.

Since its inception in 1998, Team HOPE has trained more than 500 volunteers and reached out to more than 102,000 people to offer our compassionate peer support.

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Who We Help

The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children's Team HOPE is here to assist families of missing or exploited children, as well as adult survivors of  certain types of sexual abuse, abduction, or other missing cases.

We work specifically with individuals who have been, or have had a child who:

  • Was involved in suspected or confirmed child sex trafficking
  • Was involved in an abduction or other missing case type (family abduction, run away, non-family abduction, etc.)
  • Is a victim of child sexual abuse material (sexually explicit images, videos, etc)
  • Has experienced online enticement (was solicited online for sexual images or acts) 
  • Was sexually abused by a non-family member

How We Help

Our peer-support model pairs you with a volunteer who has experienced a similar situation to yours. Team HOPE’s trained volunteers can:

  • Help people in crisis with a missing, sexually exploited, or recovered child as they handle the day-to-day issues of coping and/or searching for their child.
  • Help provide peer and emotional support, compassion, coping tools and empowerment to people who have or were missing, sexually exploited, and recovered or located children.
  • Help instill courage, determination, and hope to those we support.
  • Help alleviate the feelings of isolation soften resulting from fear and frustration.

All Team HOPE support is phone-based and offered free of charge.

Call 866-305-HOPE (4673) to talk to a Team HOPE member.

Give Support

Become a Team HOPE Volunteer

Team HOPE volunteers are the heart and soul of Team HOPE. They have demonstrated an incredible ability to turn personal tragedies into vital support for other families. We have volunteers in almost every state and from all walks of life.  Volunteers are screened and attend in-depth trainings before they are matched with a family to support. 

Note: You must complete the Personal Info section betfore the next section will become available. This form is thorough in order to guarantee the best placement and relationships for survivors and supporting peers. If you have questions regarding the form, please call 866-305-HOPE (4673).


Please list two professional references for us to contact, other than relatives and friends, who can attest to your character, skill and dependability.

Professional Reference 1:
Professional Reference 2:


Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Team HOPE! We will followup with you soon.


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WATCH: Team HOPE is a group of ordinary people who one day were forced to live every parent’s nightmare. They know the pain, fear, frustration and loneliness that comes with having a missing or sexually exploited child. With this knowledge and experience, they offer peer support to families of missing and sexually exploited children.

Listen to an FAON Member's message of hope.