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Victim, Survivor & Family Support

NCMEC is here for you.

NCMEC has services available for victims, survivors, siblings and caregivers looking for mental health and peer support. Trauma is defined as a “deeply distressing or disturbing experience,” and we know the people who reach out to NCMEC are experiencing trauma. Our trauma-centered approach helps create a collaborative environment to assist victims and families identify areas of need and find the right community-based resources to help with healing and reconnecting. Are you looking for a place to feel heard, accepted, validated and connected? Then you're in the right place – we are here to help.

Healing and Recovery

Coping with the traumatic experience of having or being a missing and/or sexually exploited child demands courage and determination for all involved. NCMEC knows that many types of victimization can lead to a child’s mental, emotional and physical separation from healthy and supportive caregivers. Dedicated time and focus to rebuild connection might require a skilled professional to support victims, survivors and their supporters on their healing journey. 

Additionally, when a child is located after being missing, NCMEC is available to help families prepare for the financial costs that may be accrued during recovery and reunification. Families in financial need may qualify for transportation support through grants and private partner funding support.

If you or someone you know needs healing and recovery resources, please reach out to
1-800-THE-LOST or

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NCMEC’s victim and family services team is made up of master’s level-trained child and family advocates whose mission is to focus on your mental health and resilience. Our Family Advocacy Outreach Network (FAON) works with people seeking guidance and support for recovery and healing strategies. For example, you may need mental health support but don’t know how to find a trained and vetted clinician in your community. We provide expert guidance for choosing the right provider and determining the best fit for your trauma needs through suggested referrals to community agencies. Learn more about FAON here

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NCMEC’s Team HOPE is a network of trained volunteers who have personally experienced the trauma of having or being a missing or sexually exploited child. We are adult survivors who were missing or sexually abused as children. We are family members of children who were sexually exploited or missing. Our volunteers are dedicated to offering compassionate peer support to people with similar lived experiences. You are not alone – learn more about Team HOPE here.

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NCMEC helps victims, survivors and caregivers navigate the legal system and may be able to provide referrals to experienced attorneys. NCMEC also provides legal technical assistance to victim, survivors, caregivers, attorneys, legislators and others, including case-specific legal, educational, technical and related research and analysis, as well as publications, amicus briefs and other trial related materials. Learn more about our legal resources here.